MacStories has a nice review of the latest update to LiquidText. At last, it supports the Apple Pencil.

Part of what makes this version of LiquidText so amazing to use is that your finger and the Pencil can do different things. It’s like having two tools in your hand.

Finger selections can make excerpts even while the Pencil is in drawing or highlighting mode. The Pencil can draw anywhere—not just on the PDF like most PDF editors, but even in the LiquidText workspace, right alongside your excerpts and comments.

You can even drawn a circle or box around anything in the PDF, and it extracts it as an image to the workspace. The image can be copied to your clipboard and even pasted into other apps. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to capture a portion of a PDF as an image without having to screenshot the whole screen and crop in Photos. This opens a lot of possibilities—like being able to capture a graphic and paste it into an app like Notability, to collect it with other visual notes.

The makers of LiquidText are really redefining what you can do with an iPad. Bigger picture, the iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + software like LiquidText, DEVONthink, PDF Expert, and Notability make for an incredible PDF system—one that is way more powerful than a traditional desktop computer.