If I’m using my iPad Pro, I’m almost always using my Apple Pencil, too. For me, the Pencil was a massive extension for the iPad and basically made it the go-to environment for reading, studying, and annotating PDFs.

The Apple Pencil is great at many things. Staying still on a flat table is not one of them.

I’ve tried several accessories and tricks for keeping the Pencil from racing away, but nothing works as well as the FRTMA Apple Pencil Magnetic Sleeve.

  • It makes the Pencil non-round, so it stays where you set it
  • It is extremely sleek, preserving the svelteness of the Pencil’s design, yet the sleeve adds a bit of tackiness that I actually prefer when writing
  • It’s magnetic, so it sticks to any iPad case

The magnet is very strong. When attached to an iPad case, you can shake the case really hard, and it will not come off. It will, however, come off sometimes when it’s in my backpack, but in my experience, “losing” my Apple Pencil inside my backpack is the very best place to lose it—far better than seeing it race across a flat table and down the stairs of my favorite coffee shop.