Like many other parents, I’ve struggled to make sense of the current president in the context of parenthood. How do you even talk about it?

But I’ve realized that much can be taught by studying the commander-in-clown’s example. After all he’s the perfect anti-role model for young kids, teens, and adults of all ages: someone we should all aspire not to be when we grow up.

Here are the top five lessons we can learn from our president.

5. Things you put on social media are permanent.

If you tweet strong, emotionally charged opinions reflexively, they will almost certainly come back to haunt you.

What’s better: Think before you act. Ask for advice. Do like Lincoln, and write an angry letter that you never send.

4. People who constantly attack others verbally are highly insecure.

The more they attack, the more they broadcast their insecurities and invite hate from others. Bullies seem a lot less intimidating the more you realize that they are more terrified of the world than you are of them.

What’s better than being a bully: Promote things you truly believe in. Use positive reinforcement to advance just causes. If you need to be critical, support your position with facts, and don’t contradict yourself or allow yourself to be distracted by things that trigger your insecurities.

3. It’s OK to be wrong, but you have to admit it.

Everyone is wrong about something. Vulnerability is mightier than the strongest ego. It will win you the most loyal followers.

2. Very wealthy people who attempt to increase their wealth at all costs are not heroes of capitalism.

They are among the greatest cowards on earth. They live in constant fear of losing what they have and will never experience even basic happiness.

What’s better: Use your excess to help others. Be in constant thanks for what you have rather than dwell on what you don’t have. You will be happier and healthier.

1. Credibility and trust are vital ingredients of leadership.

A ruler who rules only by law will never be as effective as a leader who rules by trust. If no one trusts you, then you cannot trust anyone either. That’s a perfect model for a miserable life—whether you are a clown, the leader of the free world, or both.